Sunday, 25 April 2010

Distortion of the eye

Here's one from a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago that I've just got round to processing.

Be positive, distort for the best, not worst!

I think it was a railway sleeper, now very decayed, with the softer wood having collapsed and blown away and leaving behind the harder knot-wood.

Distortion of the Mind's Eye

It looks to me very much like an eye, with its own distorted reflection underneath. In working with it, it struck me that in our own mind's eye, we see everything in life not as it is, but coloured, flavoured and distorted with our own life's experiences.

That set me thinking about two good friends who can't let go of the past—their perspective on things that have happened is so distorted by other experiences that, given the slightest excuse, they can only see them as negative.

I've been present a couple of times as some of those things were going down and I can see just how wrong their take was. If it hadn't been for their past troubles, they too would have seen them for what they were, just happenstance and neutral, not directed specifically at them.

Sometimes I think we can be our own worst enemy and once we let a vicious circle develop, it can be hard to break out of it. But we can if we try!

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