Saturday, 17 April 2010

Greek Parliament Portico

Another from my Athens long weekend break (lucky I got back on Tuesday, before the eruption of the volcano in Iceland!!)

Long lens for composition

To get the angle and elevation that made this composition work, I had to switch to my telephoto lens and shoot from the other side of the street, just above the entrance to the metro. Closer up, the darker wall at the front obscured the steps and bottoms of the columns.

As a note on composition, see how there are five columns? Using an odd number of "things" allows one naturally to sit in the centre and pretty much always seems easier on the eyes. If you use an even number, the centre becomes a "hole"—a lack of whatever you are shooting—and that can introduce tension at a subliminal level, probably not what you want!

(As with all rules of thumb, there are times when you might want the effect that breaking it introduces, so know the rule and break it consciously when the situation seems right.)

 Greek Parliament Portico

Again, I'm looking for feedback as to whether the black-and-white or colour version works better for you, so drop off a quick comment if you've time and don't mind.

If neither appeal, then let me know that, too. Don't try and butter me up if you really don't like them—I prefer honesty in feedback on my photos :)

So over to you...

comments / critique / feedback always welcome :)
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