Monday, 19 April 2010

Hugging Tree Trunks in Athens

No, not that sort of tree hugging!

Multi-Trunk Tree?

I'm not sure if this was one tree with lots of trunks or many trees with their trunks intertwined. Anyway, it looked to me like they're all having a big communal hug, which is nice :)

Hugging Trees
Reworked and uploaded Fri 14 May]

I found this amazing tree in the park behind the Greek Parliament building, next to the animal prison. I call it a prison rather than a zoo/enclosure because animal welfare seemed not to be part of the design. The ducks didn't have any water to paddle in or grass to graze amongst and the animals there looked pretty miserable with only hard packed earth and concrete to walk on.

In another enclosure, a rooster seemed more than a little put-out by the two (domesticated but no doubt wild) cats having a snooze in his pen. There was no sign of any hens - I think they were probably hiding in the coop while the cock did his best to look after their safety.

I hope you enjoy the image, I spent a good few hours crafting it for your (and my!) viewing pleasure. Btw, if you like trees, you might enjoy this book: The Life & Love of Trees.

comments / critique / feedback always welcome :)

PS If you know what type of tree it is, drop off a comment and let me know and satisfy my curiosity. Thanks in advance!
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