Thursday, 15 April 2010

My first shot from the Acropolis

I have just spent a long weekend in Athens and paid a visit to the Acropolis while I was there.

Burning heat beating down

It amused me that the first shot that grabbed my attention was nothing to do with the famous archaeology but, instead, something more my style. In one sense, the shot does capture something of the ancients, shows something that would have been an everyday sight to the people of the time. - the texture of the wonderful wild grasses growing there.

Wild Grass

Not a black and white shot this time, but a rather more abstract colour one. Even though it was early spring, the sun was beating down and my poor bald pate was burning up in the heat. As a nod in that direction, I have emphasised the reds and yellows, turning up the heat of the shot to reflect what I was feeling at the time.

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