Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Some cute horror gifts I've designed - available in-store now!

Here are some examples of the latest fun horror gifts available in my Zazzle store. There's far more than shown here, including birthday cards, stickers (to personalise your gear), badges, mugs, keyrings and more...

They're all customisable, so if you want different text or to include someone's name, it's easily done when you click the image.

Buccaneer Joke

Skull & Crossed Swords hat
Sorry about the dreadful joke! (the old ones are the best, hehe!!)

For your little devil!

Not always a Princess...

Doggy Jacket - Bite Me!

Fanged Cyborg Skull with Horns

Bite Me Skull - t-shirt shirt
Bite Me Skull - t-shirt
Many more shirt designs available on zazzle.co.uk

Vampire Child

Beware a Princess on a shopping mission!

See anything here that you like? Maybe as a present for a son or daughter... or maybe for a friend? If you think they're cute enough, don't forget to hit the tweet and or buzz button below so you can share them with your contacts and give them a smile!


comments / critique / feedback always welcome :)
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