Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Exciting new gear on Zazzle

Here's a sample of cards and gifts I've produced for my Zazzle store recently.

Windsor Castle

I heart Windsor Castle mousepad mousepad
I heart Windsor Castle mousepad
I've got postcards, t-shirts and mugs with this image too. See them here...

Abstract Art

Personification of Persephone blank notelet / card card

Personification of Persephone
A blank notelet so you can say what you want.
Follow the link and read more about why this has the title of a Greek goddess.


DJ on the decks - birthday card card
DJ on the decks - birthday card
Lots more birthday cards and invites in my Zazzle store

Best seller

And finally... my best-seller, this poster (I Have Time) featuring the full Desiderata.
I've been scratching my head wondering why this product line does so well, why I sell so many. See if you agree with my conclusions below...

Desiderata poster print
Desiderata poster
The wonderful verses of Desiderata, that coming-of-age guidance for young men and women. It's as relevant today as it was when it was written.
These are flying off the press!

I've come to the conclusion that especially in today's society of slippery and changing morals, parents know that their children, as they turn into young men and women, still need a "fall-back" position. And by that I mean they want to know a set of morals, based on wisdom and experience, that will work for them if/when the new ones they're experimenting with fail.

I think switched-on parents and grandparents are buying them as gifts for their kids' bedroom walls - whether they're still at home or have moved out into their own space for the first time. Good move, a last-gasp attempt to influence them for the better! So, do you think that's the reason?

See my Zazzle store here: www.zazzle.co.uk/HightonRidley where you'll find a full range of gifts and cards at good prices featuring my artwork.

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