Friday, 7 May 2010

New (including colour!) work now in Martin Bush Gallery, Royal William Yard

So my hard work of these last three days has been rewarded. Five framed colour, one framed b&w and many mounted prints, all taken in the last couple of months are now hanging in Martin Bush Gallery in Royal William Yard (map). I think you'll like them.

Get a preview of them on my website.

Another from Greece

There were some undercurrents of unrest in Athens on my recent visit in early April. I'd already been keeping half an eye on their general economy, you know, BBC news headlines etc.

I knew that things were potentially going to get a bit tough there, but I didn't realise how much would happen in the last few weeks since my return to the UK.

Anyway, with such thoughts in my mind, and with my usual attraction to dilapidation, I thought that this shot would perhaps reflect the likely future in the past. I can see many fine buildings today, with beautiful embellishments and styles, becoming like the image pictured.

I do hope that things improve for them before any apocalyptic vision of mine comes to pass!

Greek Ruin, Athens

I love all the signs of a once-proud building, shamefully in rack and ruin now. Look at those great balustrades, the shutters against intrusion and sunlight, the wonderful casts at the top of the pillars on the building corner and those beautiful window panes on the left, unshuttered so we get a chance to see their beauty.

I can guarantee it would have been a truly inspiring building in its hey-day!

Do you think the problems with the Greek economy will ripple across Europe with a domino-like effect?

comments / critique / feedback / tweets / buzzes always welcome :)
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