Monday, 14 June 2010

Life in Progress

Taken in Athens, Greece...


I loved the splash of exuberant colour on the skyline and that's what first caught my eye in this shot. I then noticed all that interesting geometry and pattern in the architecture so I moved around to find the best viewpoint and also to remove some obstructions that were intruding into the scene. As usual my trusty zoom lens allowed me to fill the frame with what I thought was the best crop.

Life in Progress

I'm not sure what the lettering  "LiF" is all about. Maybe that block of blue is a hint that it could become an "e", and the message being shouted from the rooftops is that the joy of being alive can only be appreciated while life is unfinished.

Anyway, I was dead pleased to learn that this one got a Today's Best Award in Zazzle. Here's the gear it's on.

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