Saturday, 19 June 2010

New work at Martin Bush's Studio Gallery

I've just delivered the framed Caryatid / Maidens to the Martin Bush Studio Gallery over in Royal William Yard

New work in gallery

If you recall from a few posts ago, I couldn't make up my mind whether to frame the Caryatids / Maidens as a triptych or as three separately framed images.

After a lot of soul-searching and head scratching, I went with framing them separately. I went that route because it allows folks to buy them singly or, if they go for them as a set, they can hang them as a triptych or choose instead to stagger them like below, or even have them hanging in different areas. The additional flexibility should make them more saleable... we'll see :)

The certificate showing my Black and White Spider Award finally arrived, so I got that framed and took it down as well. I also took over a mounted copy of Life In Progress for the browser.

Life In Progress (which won a Zazzle Todays Best Award)

I'll be taking some work up to the Duchy Square gallery as soon as I've made an appointment with Philippa. More to follow...

comments / critique / feedback / tweets / buzzes always welcome :)
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