Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mum feeding her foal

Here's the next from my trip onto Dartmoor yesterday. Yikes! More colour!

Yearling Dartmoor Pony Foal

A number of the mares in the small herd of ponies were still supplementing their foal's diets. Feeding seemed to be little but often, with some mums seeming quite impatient with their foals, maybe to encourage them to fend for themselves?

Dartmoor Pony: Mum feeding foal

This pair cooperated by feeding at a time when the sun had broken through the clouds. The way their coats lit up in the sunshine was gorgeous with the beautiful light showing them off to the best.

I'll take this one and yesterday's up to the Duchy Square gallery in Princetown (also home to Dartmoor Prison) ready for the Dartmoor Pony exhibition, starting in a few days' time.

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