Friday, 30 July 2010

Yearling Foal - Candy Style

...and another from Dartmoor the other day

Cute as Candy

This was one of the youngest yearling foals I saw on my outing the other day. And it was just soooo cute! A bit unsure, venturing out on its own a little and shyly cautious with me - but still curious! Just like any other youngster :)

Yearling Dartmoor Pony Foal

I wanted to emphasise the cuteness so I went for the "candy" HDR effect I've seen in others' work, thinking it would do the trick. And I believe it has! What do you think?

This is another one that I'll offer to the Duchy Square gallery for inclusion in their upcoming exhibition devoted to this fine pony breed.

As a by-the-way, whenever I'm approaching and in amongst animals, I always try to move gracefully, while all the time "speaking" gently to them.

I reckon that when you make any sort of intentional but kindly noise, you're doing two things to reassure them:
  • you're letting them know you're not trying to sneak up on them (so therefore you can't fall into the "predator" bracket)
  • and by giving them gentle, kindly noises (what I mean by "speaking") while you're looking at them, they feel reassured - this "strange creature" seems to be trying to be friends with me!?

Of course, they'll still be wary -- but that wariness lessens the longer you are amongst them and still doing nothing alarming.

With that in mind, hopefully you'll be able to get more shots that don't just show the ass-end of fleeing birds and beasts! Happy (photo) hunting :)

comments / critique / feedback / tweets / buzzes always welcome :)
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