Tuesday, 24 August 2010

New Vid Tut: subtly bring a viewer's attention to the centre of your photos

Another of my occasional Photoshop video tutorials... (similar techniques exist in Corel Photopaint and Gimp)

Centering their attention

Here's a video tutorial I recorded in HD that shows a great 2-step finishing effect for your photos. It shows a simple yet effective way to bring your viewers' attention into the centre of your photos (and other graphic images too). It's a technique I use on pretty much all my photos, black and white and colour.

This how-to won't make bad images good but it will make good images better!

I used my image of a Dartmoor Pony mare suckling her yearling foal to demonstrate the technique and in the video you'll see the before and after compared.
When you do, I'm sure you'll agree that it's both subtle and effective and a technique you'll want to use on your own photos.

To see this best, pop out the video and watch at full screen size - make sure you watch in HD (720p) to see the subtlety of the effect as the tutorial progresses. If you use this technique, drop off a link to the results in the comments so we can all share. Thanks from all of us :)

comments / critique / feedback / tweets / buzzes always welcome :)
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