Monday, 30 August 2010

Reworked Photoshop Video Tutorials - now in HD

Two of my older video tutorials weren't great quality - partly down to my getting used to the complexities of compression, video codecs and other stuff I still don't really understand(!) and partly because High Definition has come along on YouTube since...

Perfect contrast

This one is about achieving perfect control over the contrast in your shots. The quality is so much better that it's a lot easier to see the subtle changes in contrast that are shown using this 2-step technique. Highly recommended

Sky Rescue

This one shows you how to go about rescuing a blown (i.e. a too bright) sky. It works using a novel technique for combining two shots of the same scene, one exposed so that the sky gives plenty of detail, and one exposed for the ground.

If you shoot using the format called RAW (available on most mid-range cameras) then this will be something you can do on existing shots. If not you'll need to shoot a scene twice at the two different exposures.

Whichever is right for you, this is a great 3-step technique. It has the advantage over other methods of making the transition imperceptible as it moves from perfectly exposed sky to perfectly exposed ground.

Both are  (I hope!) simple to follow and understand and should make great additions to your toolkit, whether you're a beginner or someone who wants to expand their knowledge.

I'd love some feedback; you could think about: a) Was my voice clear enough? b) Were my descriptions clear and easily understood? c) Was my pace about right, too fast, too slow?

You don't have to answer any/all but feedback will help me improve the vid tuts, which has got to be a good thing for everyone! :)

I hope you enjoy,
comments / critique / feedback / tweets / buzzes always welcome :)
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