Sunday, 1 August 2010

Some more Dartmoor Pony shots

A couple more from Dartmoor...

Dartmoor at its best

Another shot of that cute yearling foal from my last post. S/he kept trying to lie down and have a snooze but mum kept nuzzling her up again. It was a hot day so I think it was just sleepy and not sickening for something -- at least I hope not!

I've got a shot still in the digital darkroom showing that happening -- and the reluctance of the pony to be shifted. Lets hope it makes it out of there so I can share it with you :)

Kneeling Dartmoor Pony Yearling Foal

This next shot shows a couple of the branded but free-roaming ponies at a watering hole, quite full from the recent rains. The way the late afternoon sun was catching their coats really made them look their best.

At The Watering Hole

The branding of the new foals won't take place until the Autumn drift, a yearly round-up in late September / October of all the ponies so they can be sorted into the herds that belong to each farmer.

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