Monday, 13 September 2010

Dartmoor Trees in black and white

As promised yesterday, here are the shots in b&w

Wind-formed Trees

This is the first, a tree making the best of the wind-swept moors. Totally bent over by the prevailing winds, this is survival on the edge!

Dartmoor is such a gorgeous place when blessed by the heat and stillness of a summer's day. Late in the summer it cools rather quickly once the sun begins to drop, as it did on this day. Even though the scene was brightly lit by the golden rays of the setting sun, there was more than a little chill in the air.

Growing Up Is Hard

I've given this already high-contrast scene even more of a boost to accentuate the harsh environment and the wind-swept nature of the tree.

I love the way the trunk rises and falls in its growth. Each time it makes some upward progress, the prevailing wind forces it back downwards again, so it has ended up snaking along the ground in an interesting way.

Two Trees on Dartmoor

This was taken only a few metres away at the other end of the raised bank from the first. These two trees have fared much better, so must be out of the full brunt of the prevailing winds. It's hard to believe that just a few paces can make such a difference!

I hope they were worth waiting for after my little tease yesterday :)

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