Friday, 10 September 2010

Desiderata on Fruiting Wild Oat

Since starting my store on Zazzle (American version here) my top best-seller has been Desiderata on a variety of images - almost 50 so far and counting... Well, I finished another one...

Fruiting Wild Oat

This is one of my favourite colour images, gentle autumn pastels and a beautifully crisp wild oat, seeds near to bursting from their husks. The image's theme echoes some of those in Desiderata and makes a beautiful accompaniment to it.

One of those is the representation of the young adults that the verses are aimed at, by the seeds about to burst from their husks.

When those seeds emerge, everything will be fairly cushtie, but in the out of focus brightness of the real world there are many surprises, joys and pitfalls awaiting them.

I think one of the reasons this appeals to teens (and adults, too!) is that it doesn't particularly ban anything and it arms you with unbiased advice that's good to have when faced with anything that life occasionally throws at you from left field.

And for this reason it gets past those rebelling, disorientating youthful hormones and sinks in, no matter how surly they look when reading it!

As for the look and feel of the prose, the text uses three layers of goodness - the back-most is a Gaussian-blurred version to give it something to "sit" on, the layer in front of that is a drop "shadow" of the text to provide contrast and some sharpness. The layer on top is the real text, now beautifully readable in all areas of the image and matching its hues.

So, how do you like it? Is it appealing, with harmony and balance between image and prose?

comments / critique / feedback / tweets / buzzes always welcome :)
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