Monday, 13 September 2010

Hot out of the digital darkroom

After an internet outage for a few hours, I emerged from my digital darkroom...

Late summer, Dartmoor

At the beginning of August I managed a half-hour on Dartmoor.

I'd wanted a standing stone circle or just some impressive standing stones but only managed to find these. The light was my friend in the end but it did take a while.

A thin band of dark cloud lying above the horizon was blocking the rays of the evening sun when I first arrived, but I could see that as the sun set, it would burst through into that layer of cloud-free sky on the horizon.

Dartmoor Ruins and Tree

I used the time looking around the site, checking out various angles and perspectives. I took a few test shots while waiting for the sun to peek under those clouds. I was starting to get really cold (doesn't take long for a thin rake like me, hehe!) when the sun finally burst through in all its glory.

So I ran around the various places I'd already sussed out, firing off shots and doing my best to keep camera-shake to a minimum as I went.

Dartmoor Old Archaeology

I hope you like the way these have turned out. I'm quite pleased with the way they have caught the low light of the sun—one of the reasons they call this time of day the golden hour.

I'll tease you a bit now... I've done another two taken in the same location as black and white—I couldn't resist it and they were great for it.

Peachy indeed they are—but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for them...

Until then, Cheers ~~Mark

comments / critique / feedback / tweets / buzzes always welcome :)
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