Saturday, 23 October 2010

Autumn 2010 showing and the end of my sabbatical

I hope all's well in your neck of the woods!

It's been six weeks since my last update and there's been a lot going on since then... But before all of that, here's a great tip for you to use and share:

Top Photoshop Tip

A cool method for dodging and burning, where you can go back and edit what you've done, is to use the following layer-based approach—and because it's a layer, you can go over the top a bit and then tone it down using the layer's opacity setting.

Here's how:
  • Add a new layer with an overlay blend mode and fill it with an overlay-neutral grey.
  • The easiest way to do this is to alt-click on the "Create a new layer" icon in the layers palette and make the Mode and Fill selections in the window that then pops up.
  • Then just paint in white or black on the new layer to dodge or burn respectively.
  • Use a fairly opaque brush and build up the dodging or burning with multiple strokes.
  • Paint over the white with a black brush to lessen the effect of a heavy-handed dodge and vice versa

Autumn Showing

The gallery where I regularly display my work, Martin Bush's studio gallery in Royal William Yard, Plymouth, had its new Autumn Show Private Viewing a couple of Fridays ago, before opening officially to the public the following day.

It was well attended and the wine, chat and worthies of the art scene flowed freely, stopping occasionally for nibbles and to absorb and admire each piece. Some of Martin's newer pieces were attracting a huge amount of attention - two were especially popular, Lady in Red and Fusion Landscape 1.

Martin's abstract paintings have that quality, rarely found, where each viewer "sees" their own version of the work, with some being reminded of one thing and others another. Somehow those embedded interpretations flow from Martins artistic core. His sense of composition comes unanalysed from within and the elemental balance he achieves is one any photographer would do well to study.

In the same way that b&w photography removes the colour to focus attention on other aspects of the piece, so abstract painting removes all the familiar visual clues. And that leaves your subconscious and creative side to somehow make whatever "sense" of it it can. The genius of Martin's work is that he somehow includes visual hints, just enough to jog your mind in one direction or nudge it in another.

Thank you... all my patrons who came along. You're continued support is very welcome and I enjoyed the time spent with you listening to your views on my work. It's always fascinating to hear how you connect with what my camera has seen and how I have interpreted it.

Tim Thompson

I was delighted that the respected and world-renowned oil painter, Tim Thompson, visited and spent time with my work. He said that he and his wife enjoyed my black and whites very much—praise indeed!

Tim's work covers a very broad range of subject matter, with particular focus on the Americas Cup, Racing Yachts and Clippers, as well as producing various period Seascapes and historic and periodic marine art. His work covers both dramatic rough seas as well as calm tranquil seas and the mastery of the way he uses light is something every aspiring photographer could learn from.
See his work here

New day job

My sabbatical has come to an end, so that my 100% devotion to making and promoting my art now drops back to make room. The new contract I'm working on involves some travel, so there'll be lots of opportunities with the camera, once I'm settled in a bit more and it becomes more routine.

My Zazzle store

In preparation for the end of the sabbatical, I finished off my Halloween series, added a new series for Christmas and filled out my Plymouth and Devon postcards range.

Here's an example from each:

One lady from the USA bought 6 of my postcards featuring Dartmoor Ponies. So thank you, Lucy of New Caney, Texas, your custom is very much appreciated :)

My new Razamazazzle blog

I've started a new blog all about my Zazzling experience, including some tips, help and advice, as well as sharing what I feel are really great designs. Join up if you like :)

That's all for now, folks!

Thanks again for taking an interest in my artistic journey and the day-to-day happenings in my world (and very close friends do say I seem to live in my own little world, hehe!)

Until next time, take care, have a really great weekend and good luck in your endeavours!

comments / critique / feedback / tweets / buzzes always welcome :)
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