Saturday, 27 November 2010

Energy Taskforce

Whew - five minutes spare to update my blog!

Day job

I'm settling into my new contract assignment now - I'm working with a UK-wide energy company on their carbon footprint reduction programme.

It's good to be able to have a direct influence on such a massively important project for carbon reduction in the UK (80% by 2050!!). I'm (ahem, cough) really good at what I do in my day job; understanding and analysing business requirements, then specifying them in a structured way to make sure solutions get designed that do what they're supposed to.

So wish me success in helping make sure that the company achieves its aims - it represents a significant chunk of the UK's total carbon footprint!

Energy Taskforce

I was asked to do a sponsored post and agreed because I think it will encourage people into the industry, one which needs the right sort of engineer to design with greenhouse gas emissions in mind.

Here's the blurb from the sponsor...
"Energy TaskForce” is a serious game that will be played out over a 3-week period this coming January. If you’re an engineer, a student or a young graduate, and you think you know the various disciplines in the energy sector, you can already register in teams of 4 at and visit the game’s Facebook page:

comments / critique / feedback / tweets / buzzes always welcome :)


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