Sunday, 30 January 2011

Spring Madness Freebie Prize Draw!

[Update: That's this month's freebie prize draw closed to new entrants now. You can still rate, recommend, review, tweet, fb like, blog about it etc. to improve your chance of winning. You've got until the weekend, when I'll be doing the draw. Good luck!]

As some of you who are past winners will already know, this is a great chance to own some of my signed originals.

Valuable give-away prizes

It's been well over a year now since my last freebie prize draw. With January almost over and doom and gloom just about everywhere you look right now, I thought I'd do my bit to cheer up your New Year by announcing my most valuable give-away yet!

Where's the catch?

There isn't one! This is part of my marketing campaign to get my work "out there" and to get the word spread about it. With your help, by taking part, you'll give my website and photos much more exposure — just what a struggling artist needs, hehe!

The Prizes

The top prizes are two of my ex-exhibition fine art images on canvas, signed on the back by me to show they're originals. Not only those canvases, I'm also going to give away 3 second prizes of signed, mounted fine art prints of mine, all lovingly created in my home studio.

Hold on to your hat, I'm not finished yet... 5 lucky people will win a 5-pack random selection from my fine-art postcards, to either collect or send on to deserving friends.

And finally, on top of all that, 10 lucky people will win a 5.1cm square Rope Knot fridge magnet from my Zazzle store:

Yes, 20 prizes in total! How's that for Spring Madness?

How to win

So what do you have to do to be in with a chance?
  • Only people who have signed up for my newsletter are eligible..
    if you've already joined my blog or signed up to my website with Google's Friend Connect, just check your settings for my site (click your "face", choose options, site settings, messaging, and make sure you're set to receive my newsletters)
  • Send an email to with yes please in the subject
    — this will give you your first chance of winning!
  • Lots of other chances are to be had:
    • get over to one of my mono, colour or flora galleries and rate, recommend and / or review your favourite photo there, saying what you like about it
    • come back to this blog post and leave a comment saying what you've done
    • ..or stumble the photo you like, tweet about it, buzz it, post about it on your own blog, facebook, squidoo lens... etc...
    • whenever you leave a comment on my blog post saying what you've done, that's another chance you get!
So rate, recommend and review, blog, link, tweet, buzz, facebook and stumble as many photos as you like, another winning chance every time!  But please only do this with ones you really like.

Will you win one of the freebies?

Ok, so how do I select the winners? Simple...
  • From those on the mailing list who reply as above, I randomly choose two winners for the canvases
  • From those who comment on my blog post as above, I'll randomly draw the remaining prize winners
Winners will be announced in my next newsletter and on my blog after the freebie draw closes on Valentine's Day.

If you are one of the lucky winners you'll need to email me a delivery address to send your gift to. If you're nervous about revealing your home address, it's ok to give me a PO Box number or business address, it's your choice.

Good luck — remember, you've got until Valentine's Day!

If you know someone who you think would like to take part, point them to this posting so they can get on my newsletter list. They'll get the chance to sign up for it when they join my blog or sign up with Google Friend Connect on my website.

[Edit] I've now added a panel at the top of the right hand column where you can see past newsletters and sign up for it (do it, do it NOW!)
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