Friday, 25 February 2011

Waiting for remaining winners to get in touch

[Updated: Tues 29th March 2011 - just waiting on 2 now]
Fourteen of the twenty winners have now been in touch... apparently some winners didn't receive the email I sent giving them the great news... so check below to see if you're also one...

Winners who haven't yet claimed their prize

If your name is in green, I haven't heard from you yet, so see if you're one of those missing out on a prize!

Fridge Magnets

  • Carolyn Marshall
  • Graham Richardson
  • Jeff Farabee
  • Charlyn (critter creations)
  • Dominique McDonough
  • Kelly Riccetti
  • Tracy Anderson
  • tnbackroadsblog
  • Stephanie Queen
  • D J C

Pack of 5 postcards

  • Elizabeth (cutand-dry)
  • Senecio Editions
  • Javier Echaiz
  • Elizabeth (Elizdesigns)
  • Jana (craftcorner)

Hand printed, signed, mounted prints

  • Nancy McDonnell (f8hasit)
  • Belinha Fernandes
  • Melissa (Zazzle Gallery)

Framed canvases: 25 inches by 17 inches of pure loveliness

  • Deborah Green (DizzyDebbie)
  • Stevie (fastgear)
So if your name is in green in the list above, drop off an email to me highton.ridley [@] to claim your prize.

If you didn't win...

Here's a soothing image to take your mind off your disappointment ;-)

Ships May Come And Go
If you like it... click it to get to the image page and then click the "recommend it" button you'll see under the image. Thanks :)

comments / critique / feedback / tweets / buzzes always welcome :)
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