Saturday, 19 February 2011

Winners annnounced: Spring Madness Freebie Prize Draw

Did you win? Fingers crossed, maybe you did...


With a suitable drum roll... here are the winners of my crazy February fine art give-away. 20 of you were lucky enough to come away with a prize. If you aren't one of them, better luck next time!

[Some details of my next fine art give-away are at the end]

If you're one of the lucky ones in the list below, you need to send me a delivery address so I know where to post your freebie. Send it to

So in reverse order and without further ado, here are the lucky winners.
Congratulations go to:

Fridge Magnets

  • Carolyn Marshall
  • Graham Richardson
  • Jeff Farabee
  • Charlyn (critter creations)
  • Dominique McDonough
  • Kelly Riccetti
  • Tracy Anderson
  • tnbackroadsblog
  • Stephanie Queen
  • D J C

Pack of 5 postcards
  • Elizabeth (cutand-dry)
  • Senecio Editions
  • Javier Echaiz
  • Elizabeth (Elizdesigns)
  • Jana (craftcorner)

Hand printed, signed, mounted prints
  • Nancy McDonnell (f8hasit)
  • Belinha Fernandes
  • Melissa (Zazzle Gallery)

Framed canvases: 25"x17" of pure loveliness
  • Deborah Green (Zazzle Gallery[oops!] DizzyDebbie)
  • Stevie (fastgear)
(If you didn't yet receive the email telling you you'd won, check your spam folder)

Well done to you all! Good luck in the next one :)

Next Give-away

I'll be pushing to get my newsletter membership higher and that is where you come in. To enter, all you need do is tell your friends about my site and suggest they sign up for the newsletter (I'll be announcing prize winners in March).

The easiest place for them to do this is at the top of the right hand column on my home page:

If one of them wins a prize, you do too!
So get cracking right now! I'll post about it here in a few days but the sooner you start....

Here's a suggestion you could use:

Hi {name}

Sign up for Highton-Ridley's newsletter at the top of the right hand column on his home page: and we both stand a chance of winning one of his canvases (and more, besides!).

I like his work a lot. He comes at photography from an artistic side and some of his work is really striking. He mostly does black and white but some of his colour work is really good as well. Check out Lake's Edge for example, or Knot A Rope Knot
Make sure you sign up for his newsletter and we both might win!

Winners, please...

So, were you one of the lucky ones? If so, please tweet, share to facebook or buzz about your good fortune - use the share buttons below to do this if you like. Oh, and share your joy in the comments here :)

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