Thursday, 25 August 2011

Slowly, Sowly, Colour HDR

Formally revealing my interest in colour HDR and tone-mapping techniques...

Would you like to see more?

I've been experimenting for a while with HDR. Regular followers will know that I started out a couple or so years ago on my b&w work, where it suited the image.

Recently I moved onto using it in the digital darkroom with colour shots, but haven't published much until now, preferring first to play around until I'd mostly mastered it. Well, I don't claim to be there yet, but I feel comfortable enough with the technique to start to publish.

Plymouth Barbican by Night, August 2011
I'm very pleased with the way this one turned out. Would you be able to tell that I used HDR and tone-mapping techniques? If not, then I've succeeded with that aspect, hehe!

On a different note, I believe that I've bumped into a compositional issue with this shot, one where composition and the desire for "pretty colours" are in conflict. I won't say what it is because I don't want to influence you but if you do spot it, I'd love to know (after all, I may just be being paranoid, hehe!).

I'll leave it a few days, and if anyone has commented about it, I'll say what I mean in reply.

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