Monday, 28 November 2011

Zazzle recommendation and $10 sweetener

Why would I recommend Zazzle?

The creators and designers on Zazzle - mostly folk like you and me - each have their own store(s) and provide fantastic designs on apparel, gifts and cards, covering every occasion and topic you can think of, and many more besides.

Here's the main reasons why I'd recommend them, and Zazzle:
  • the vast majority of the items are designed to be personalized, for example where you supply a name or upload a loved one's photo.
  • the quality of the printing is exceptional, reproducing the rich, vibrant colours you see on screen
  • a fantastic returns policy and customer service experience - second to none in my experience
  • And another thing... you're supporting some of the 99% - individual creative artists and designers
The proof of the pudding is in the eating. If I'm recommending Zazzle, do I follow my own recommendation? A resounding "yes" - I buy all my greetings cards there and any other gifts where personalisation and / or a specific design is important.


Of course, you're going to find my work on standard media such as stretch-frame canvas and poster prints. My recently added ranges of gallery-style prints and fine art greetings cards are proving popular, so there's something to suit all pockets...

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

A bit of housekeeping...

Consolidation is the name of the game

My new photos have made it into my gallery at last! Many have appeared in recent weeks on Panoramio, Flickr and Google+ so it was more catch-up than presenting entirely new work for the first time.

Still they're all in one place now. Check 'em out with this link: My new creative photography

I've been experimenting a little with an impressionist style - which should be easy to spot amongst the piccies you'll see at that link. As usual, I'd be delighted to hear if you connect with any of them.

If you do, each has a feedback / ratings box or you can drop off a general comment here. Whichever way, I'm sure other visitors (as well as me!) would love you to share your thoughts.

In the run up to Christmas, you might be interested in gifts featuring my work. Gallery Prints are an inexpensive way of owning and enjoying my work. Although they can be framed, they looks great as they are and just stuck on a wall with pins, sticky stuff etc.

Or how about choosing from amongst my really gorgeous jotter / notepads for somewhere to hold your important thoughts and creative  ideas. If you know someone who will be lucky enough to get a new phone, iPad or iPod this Christmas, you can also get my work on skins for all the popular models.

You can find many other products like mugs, tear-off message pads, birthday and various other greetings cards (luck, congrats, sympathy and so on). Pretty much everything apart from the posters are personalizable with your text or chosen name.

Support the 99% by buying from artists, artisans and crafters!

Post by: +Mark Highton Ridley

Monday, 21 November 2011

Entering the Black and White Spider Awards again

Having had some previous successes with the Black and White Spider Awards, I've entered some more photos this year.

The Impotence of a Broken Groyne

The groynes along the Jurassic coast around Lyme Regis are being left to fall into disrepair and decay, allowing the debris from cliff collapses to be washed away and so leading to further cliff erosion. This is a good thing for fossil hunters!

The Impotence of a Broken Groyne

I was drawn to the lovely textures in the wood, enhanced by years of scouring and burning by the salty sea. And what's more, the grain formed lovely wave-like undulations in the wood, echoing and mirroring the sculpted sandy mud and the sea itself.

Oh, and I hope you groaned at the pun in its title!

Last Surf of The Day

This is the original black and white version of my better-known colour one. It was taken at the close of day on a photowalk with a good friend at Bantham Beach in Devon.

Last Surf of the Day

Wouldn't it be great if the guys in the photo got in touch?! Taken 24th April 2011 in case you think it might be you.

Tousled Mane of a Dartmoor Pony

This is one of my personal favourites. These enduring, graceful ponies have been on Dartmoor maybe since the last ice age, perhaps longer. The way they move, their look and their stoic attitude to the visitors to Dartmoor makes them feel both close and distant at the same time; wild but approachable, common but regal.

Here it is on a stretch-frame canvas, available at my Zazzle store. Click to see and buy. Also available on a range of other products.

Tousled Mane of a Dartmoor Pony
stretch-frame canvas

Leave your Good Luck wishes and feedback in the comments please (pretty please, hehe!)

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Monday, 14 November 2011

Bronze Merit Award - International Loupe Awards 2011

What great news I got today!

International Loupe Awards 2011

I entered one image into this year's International Loupe Awards, "The Room In My Mind Where My Memories Are Stored" and was delighted to hear today that I received a Bronze Merit Award!

It's the image for July on this 2012 Calendar, which features a selection of my very best work

Share my joy, \o/ - yaay!

Post by: +Mark Highton Ridley
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Saturday, 12 November 2011

I'm a Featured Artist!

So what have I been up to, what's my news?

Cutand-dry feature

I'm so flattered by this wonderful blog post that my good friend, Betty, wrote about my art work. I was fascinated to see which images she chose for her post. I wonder if you would have chosen the same?

Betty's got a great writing style and a huge following - I'm sure that many of you could end up following her blog, too! Have a look, it'd already had 28 comments when I visited a while ago...

Highton Ridley Emporium...
I've been beavering away putting my new colour work onto canvas and gallery-stye poster prints as well as on various gifts and household gear - things like mobile phone skins, coasters, spiral-bound notebooks, trivets, treasure/trinket boxes, picnic/display plates, mugs and more besides.

You have to have such gear around - why not have beauty too?

If you end up stuck for a gift for someone over Christmas - maybe even for yourself - I've got a great 2012 calender featuring some of my very, very best colour work. Follow the link and see the images I've chosen.

If you've got an unruly teenager at home - or one just preparing to leave for the first time, seriously consider giving them the timeless coming-of-age (and beyond!) Desiderata poem.

I've got those brilliant words on a range of posters with complementary artwork from my portfolio - there's bound to be something they'd be drawn to. It can be a great maturing influence - have a read and see what I mean - Desiderata on...

Gallery News
I've had a bit of swap-round at Duchy Square Gallery in Princetown, in preparation for the run up to Christmas. They've taken three of my impressionist / colourist - style pieces and I've taken away a couple of black-and-whites.

Have a great weekend, folks!

Post by: +Mark Highton Ridley
comments / critique / feedback / tweets / +1s always welcome :)


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