Saturday, 12 November 2011

I'm a Featured Artist!

So what have I been up to, what's my news?

Cutand-dry feature

I'm so flattered by this wonderful blog post that my good friend, Betty, wrote about my art work. I was fascinated to see which images she chose for her post. I wonder if you would have chosen the same?

Betty's got a great writing style and a huge following - I'm sure that many of you could end up following her blog, too! Have a look, it'd already had 28 comments when I visited a while ago...

Highton Ridley Emporium...
I've been beavering away putting my new colour work onto canvas and gallery-stye poster prints as well as on various gifts and household gear - things like mobile phone skins, coasters, spiral-bound notebooks, trivets, treasure/trinket boxes, picnic/display plates, mugs and more besides.

You have to have such gear around - why not have beauty too?

If you end up stuck for a gift for someone over Christmas - maybe even for yourself - I've got a great 2012 calender featuring some of my very, very best colour work. Follow the link and see the images I've chosen.

If you've got an unruly teenager at home - or one just preparing to leave for the first time, seriously consider giving them the timeless coming-of-age (and beyond!) Desiderata poem.

I've got those brilliant words on a range of posters with complementary artwork from my portfolio - there's bound to be something they'd be drawn to. It can be a great maturing influence - have a read and see what I mean - Desiderata on...

Gallery News
I've had a bit of swap-round at Duchy Square Gallery in Princetown, in preparation for the run up to Christmas. They've taken three of my impressionist / colourist - style pieces and I've taken away a couple of black-and-whites.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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