Thursday, 22 December 2011

I've been fulfilling a Gallery order

And it came out of the blue...

Colour from Black and White

I got a call from Norman, owner of Kaya Gallery on Plymouth's Barbican. He'd had a customer call in asking after a print of my Barbican Steps shot, actually one of Norman's favourites from my b&w collection.

I called in to talk about it face to face and to catch up with any news. While I was there, I took the opportunity to show Norman some of my recent colour work and he chose four there and then! He was really, really taken by the shot used for the cover of Plymouth Magazine (see previous post) and returned to it a few times to look again.

Barbican By Night

Norman was also really taken with this one of the surfers and was another he kept returning to:

Last Surf of the Day

While looking through some others, at one point he peered at Burgh Island, which was in the background to the main subject, and said something about the hotel. I didn't say anything at the time but I knew I had a photo of it waiting in the digital darkroom. So I resolved to process it as soon as I could, and then show him when I delivered the others - to try for another sale, of course ;)

Before I left, I gave Norman one of my 2012 calendars as a portfolio of some of my work. Even though it's for the American market (i.e. with major American holidays and events marked on it) he was really pleased with it.

I went home and ordered the mounts etc and got on with the printing. I'm really, really impressed with the quality of the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 - every time I fire it up after a not having used it for a while, I bless the time spent on profiling etc. The prints are true to what I see on screen and it really does my photos justice.

Anyway, once that lot was done, I got on with the one of Burgh Island Hotel. I was pleased with what I thought would be its appeal to Norman and his customers, so duly printed it as well.
Time passed and some more redecorating took place (I'm working on bits of the kitchen and front room right now) and then....

..the mounts arrived.

I got to work right away, getting them signed, mounted and bagged. A quick call to Norman to confirm he was at the gallery and, 20mins later, I handed them over.

I waited until after he'd had a good look, going back and forward mostly between the surfers and the view of the Barbican, drinking them in. He mentioned a couple of times that he'd get the surfers one framed to show it off to its very best. So I guessed he was pleased :) so it was then that I whipped out my Burgh Island Hotel...

Burgh Island Hotel
Burgh Island Hotel

He took a while to acclimatize to it, looking at the others and then coming back to it. It only took a couple of minutes to make up his mind and then he said he'd take that one as well. Mission accomplished!

..From 1 b&w came 5 colour sales so, all in all, I'm a very happy bunny - 6 prints in total and a nice little Christmas present :)

Thank you, Norman!

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