Sunday, 26 February 2012

Google Friend Connect - My final goodbyes...

So that's the last of my websites updated to remove all references to Google Friend Connect...

RIP Google Friend Connect

I don't believe how much time it's taken to remove GFC from the websites I maintain! My html skills were less than mediocre when I added all the GFC stuff and untangling it all has been a pain.

Not that my html skills are much better than mediocre now!

Still, I've managed to get it all done in time for the deadline of the end of this month (Feb). What a shame that all the wonderful interaction from my friendly and loyal followers over the last 3 or four years has all gone :(

I just wish that Google had provided a way to transition to another system like Disqus or similar. But they didn't and I feel rather let down in that respect. So for the record, these are the websites that used it:
So if you were one of the ones who interacted with the commenting and rating system on any of the above, I guess I should apologise on behalf of Google.

So long GFC, it was nice knowing you...

(Of course, it'll still work on blogger blogs such as this one, just not on sites that aren't blogger blogs)

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Monday, 20 February 2012

The last of Google Friend Connect

Ugh! Another day on website maintenance

Zazzle Promo Pages and Zazzlit Gadget Tutorial

After removing Google Friend Connect from all my photography pages yesterday, today I did all my:

Btw - even if you're not an artist / designer, you can still earn 15% referral commission by bringing folks to Zazzle - and my Zazzlit gadget makes it even easier.

How? Just sign up for a Zazzle account and use your associate id (also known as the referrer id) in my (free) Zazzlit gadget when you place it on your blog or website. See how to use it in the tutorial linked above.

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Goodbye Google Friend Connect

A long day maintaining my web site

Goodbye Google Friend Connect (GFC)

..on my main web site.

Google announced a while back that they were removing support for GFC on non-blogger websites at the end of this month. What a pain - I used it for comments, ratings and reviews of my photos and other bits and pieces.

So I spent today removing it all from my website :(

At the same time, I took the opportunity to update my galleries with my most recent work as well, so I did do something positive to counterbalance it a little :)

I haven't quite finished, I still have to remove it from my Zazzlit tutorial and Zazzle promo pages. Tomorrow, though, as I am totally discombobulated right now...

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