Friday, 9 March 2012

Another Magazine Cover shot from Highton Ridley

Ongoing progress...

Plymouth Hoe by Night

I got another photo used as a cover-shot, same magazine as the last two... The Plymouth Magazine, March 2012 issue - great credit given on p3. It's another one of my cityscapes and is part of my growing Urban Pretty photo essay, a response to my previous one entitled Urban Ugly. (this link will take you to a YouTube video, set to music by my good friend, Gordon Charlton, Beat Frequency)

Plymouth Hoe at night looking west
[click the image for a postcard or see various other products]

Owning a print

If you live in or near Plymouth, all are available from Kaya Gallery on the Barbican as signed fine art prints. Norman will be delighted to see you - especially if you mention my blog :)

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