Friday, 27 April 2012

Mobile Phone Photography

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Are you a mobile phone photog?

For quite a long time now, people have been able to take photos far more easily, thanks to advances in technology, and mobile devices with photography capabilities. Everybody wants to be able to take good pictures, but few will make the effort to carry cameras around. Now, however, thanks to mobile phone photos and social media networks where people can upload photos, it seems like everybody's a photographer. Of course, this sort of mass capturing of images is generally not considered to be of the highest quality by those who actually study and practice legitimate photography – however, some of the newer mobile phones offered by companies like O2 are actually extremely capable when it comes to taking artistic photographs.

The short road to success via technology

Earlier mobile phones were considered somewhat advanced if they could merely snap photographs, even if the picture quality was not very high and the photos were difficult to upload or print out. Now that mobile devices have come so far in the last few years, however, many phones now actually include high quality picture taking capability. For example, consider the Samsung Galaxy S II or the HTC One X, both of which are equipped with 8 Megapixel cameras. While this of course still doesn’t approach the quality or capability of an advanced camera, it does enable these devices to take very respectable photographs – and, thanks to the high level of connectivity that now exists between our mobile devices and the Internet, it is now easier than ever to upload such photos.

The App-ian way

Taking mobile phone photography ability a step further, there are now even Apps designed to help amateurs to take more artistic photographs with just a few clicks of a button. Consider Instagram, for example, a program whose popularity is rapidly increasing due to the ease with which it allows you to take photos and add effects to them. You can snap a regular picture with your mobile phone and quickly turn it into black and white, monochrome, etc. just by selecting and applying a particular feature.

...and all roads lead to Rome

Again, when you are considering truly artistic photography, there is no substitute for someone with a medium quality or better camera who truly knows what s/he is doing. And surely it's difficult to call yourself a photographer when receiving so much aid from programs like Instagram. However, the increased capabilities of mobile devices relative to photography have made it very possible for the average person to capture and play with images in a way that creates surprisingly appealing visuals.

People can now be creative with their photography in very simple ways.

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